Little Bae Bae Retractable 2.0 Pacifier Clip (assorted pictures)

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Ditch regular ol pacifier clips for our problem solving Retractaclips and you'll never go back!
Why the Little Bae Retractaclip 2.0?  Only short & long pacifier clip in ONE--allowing you to clip to more places if needed but still keeping the cord short when baby spits out their pacifier.
  • No more dangerous loose cord near baby's little neck
  • No more dragging pacifier when baby crawls
  • Specifically designed for a baby--not just any retractable device. 
  • Plus, like other pacifier clips, no more dropped or lost pacifiers
  • Safe, non-toxic and easy to use--even for baby (once they develop the motor skills to put the pacifier in their mouth) 
  • Comes with a FREE bonus attachment, so you can easily and quickly switch to another color/type of pacifier or teether--save time not having to unloop every time!
  • Grows with baby--use from newborn to pacifier weaning! We spent a year getting the tension just right, so it wouldn't pull the pacifier out of baby's mouth, when fully extended. But baby does need to have a good suction on their pacifier to use the extended feature. *However, if they don't yet, you can just use it as a short pacifier clip because when clipped near their chest or shirt collar, it reaches their mouth without extending and has no pull. Then once they get older or a stronger suction you can start using the extended feature.
  • Your solution to ALL your pacifier problems! 

    OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU: You'll LOVE it--just like we do! If, for any reason you are not completely happy, you can return it for a replacement or refund. 


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