About Us


Owner, Nicola Ripp on a Swing in Flying Ryno


Those Steeli Bean storks have delivered something pretty awesome and a little Bizarre. A full-blown Rhinoceros! WITH WINGS! One, that can’t seem to spell its own name correctly. Flying Ryno. Carrying all the magic from its Steeli Beans’ roots, Flying Ryno will incorporate most of the Steeli Beans brands but will go all the way up in sizes. From Newborn to teen. Of course boys and girls. Gifts and Fun.

What fun you ask? The funnest of fun clothing. A beading bar to babble in bracelet and necklace making. We love story time Fridays. Many surprise puddle jumping adventures. Visits from friends like Santa and the Easter bunny. The most special of special toys. The radest of rad books. The most carefully crafted celebration “baskets” to make thoughtfulness more simple. (That is enough for now… we can’t ruin all the fun of surprises)

Who? Hi, I’m Nicki, wife and mother of 4(G), 9 (B), and 12 (G) year olds. I am so excited to be making this dream come to life. Flying Ryno has been in the works since 2015. Five years later it’s finally happening. I feel especially thankful for being chosen and trusted to carry on the Steeli Beans legacy. I am even more thankful to be shown the ropes and love put into this location by Cindy and Brittany- now very dear friends.