Do you have any Posh Peanut? - Flying Ryno

The phone rings, “Do you have any Posh Peanut?”

Once again I answer, “No Posh Peanut at the moment."

I had never heard of Posh Peanut to start, and people are asking daily, multiple times a day.  I was curious to see what all these people were excited about.  I also felt loyal to brands that my own babies had worn.  When the much anticipated Posh Peanut shipment arrived I dove right in, nervous, pumped, and all sorts of curious at the same time.  Immediately I felt it my responsibility to take a pair home for my youngest, Ryno, hence Flying Ryno.  All this hype - was the anticipation merited?  I was going to Posh Peanut for myself.   My older two do not fit into the adult Posh Peanut quite yet and have outgrown the kids sizes at the moment.

At this point the requests of twirl body suits, two piece pajamas (what I took for Ryno), zipper footies, patoos, swaddle sets, swaddle beanie sets, mom robes, Posh Peanut, Posh Peanut, Posh Peanut, Posh, Posh were constant soundtracks in my head.  That night immediately after tubby time (fun fact: in our house we have popsicles in the bath almost every night) I put Ryan in her first pair of Posh Peanut.  She was the softest, yummiest thing in the world.  I was so in love… like far in love.  The different prints could be another blog post in itself.  Gorgeous, classy, striking, carefully designed, and quality prints for BOYS and girls.  Life update -  it's to the point that I sometimes wake up in the night and wish for her to come down from her bed to ours.  Especially in her soft Posh Peanut jammies and let me snuggle her.  She is so delicious when she is sleeping, but when covered in jammies like magic… she is a real life snuggle nugget.

So now that I know about Posh Peanut and feel the same way about the brand, I find myself, too, getting hyped for the next release of Posh Peanut.  A fan for life.  Posh, you keep doing you, and we will continue offering a huge selection of boutique available Posh Peanut.