Maileg - Flying Ryno

THIS, THESE, LOVE.  The tiny detailed mice ready for adventures with all types of imaginations is what makes Maileg so special.  The detail and design are simply magic.  Creating special toys for generations to come.  I started collecting this brand when I was 24, living in NYC.  I was in ABC Carpet and Home, and I stumbled upon these little mice in tin suitcases.  The tin suitcase with red polka dots was adorable. What was inside, was even more splendid.  A tiny stitched mouse with a leather shoelace tail on an adorable body with blue pinstripe pants.  It was sweet, portable, and sparked my imagination.  I was literally ready to play.  I needed it.  Kidless and just beginning to fall in love with my now husband, I made my first Maileg purchase.

                When Flying Ryno started, I knew I wanted to carry this brand.  I reached out to Maileg, which I pronounced mail leg, I was corrected it’s my- lie.  I begged, told the story of my first encounter over 13 years ago. “I need this brand."   My Rep quickly said I could, I was beyond excited.  Like really pumped.  I felt this serge of confidence come -  a brand that special would let me carry them in my little store in a house.  It is still both Kinsey and my favorite line to order and see every season. What adventures will yours take you on?