Who dis? - Flying Ryno

I started a folder “Blog Post”… then said I will get to that. To be honest, making a folder on my lap top was a bit of a milestone.   Now, here I am Getting to it.  Hi! I am Nicki, and I am happy to introduce myself as the owner of Flying Ryno. This blog will be a sounding board for keeping it real and having fun along the way. 

You see, Flying Ryno has been an idea for years.  It changed, got put on back burner and overtime it grew including the accumulation of the last 12 years as a parent.  I was born and raised in Durham ,NC (Go Blue Devils), went to college in STL and then moved to NYC. In 2008, I quit my Corporate America job in NYC and moved to Rockwall Texas, just one month shy of delivering our first daughter.  So, then Texas.  I was living in Rockwall, Texas.  Raising three turkeys with my husband, Keegan (living the dream).  I should also note that Keegan is the real MVP here, He encouraged, helped, pushed, didn’t push, painted, cleaned, runs all the books, is HR, proof reads as much as he can, tells me I am pretty (even when only one leg is shaved) and loves me.  He helped my dreams come true and not only my kids.  So I come full circle, I am still “Livin’ the dream” folks, but our dreams are ever evolving. That’s about as deep as it will get on here.